presents outstanding photography and subjective worlds from their portfolio in the exhibition "LOCAL: HERO". The exhibition is open to the public on the first two wekends in September 2011 from 4pm to 10pm. We cordially invite you. Come around. Get to know us. We look forward to seeing you!





    LOCAL: HERO Photo Exhibition

    Local heros neither need super powers nor do they need a costume. Nevertheless they're always on the spot at the right time. Armed with a camera, a good eye, and a sense for the situation, the photographers of "LOCAL: HERO" have dedicated themselves to the unstaged moments. Fighting a shiny, glossy world with aesthetic powers, they create a non-promotional, spontaneous, personal counterworld.

    Many of the 24 photographers on display are interdisciplinary borderliners between photography and design. As designers, they have their own view to the world, see the exciting in the assumedly banal, discover narrative elements in the accidential. Their photographies tell little stories, they deal with small, quiet, sometimes loud heroes of the everyday life.

    The exhibition itself is structured like a story as well, it is an associatively grouped cycle. Eleven stations in nine rooms represent the archetypical stations of a classical hero's journey: Calm, Call, Refusal, Departure, Crossing, Conflict, Contest, Reward, Returning, Resurrection, Transformation. On two floors and 300 square meters of exhibition space the visitors are following this dramaturgical and exciting journey as they walk through the rooms.

    Esmod House, Görlitzer Straße 51, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
    Vernissage: 02 September 2011, 7pm
    03 - 04 September 2011, 04-06pm
    09 - 11 September 2011, 04-06pm

    Free entry!

    With works by:
    Karsten Jipp ++ Stefan Schweppe ++ Anaïs Kohler ++ Nadine Platzek ++ Matthias Ropel ++ Sebastian Wahsner ++ Steve Zeidler ++ Peer Hanslik ++ Tuomas Marttila ++ Ulf Büschleb ++ David Ewing ++ Lina Grün ++ Carsten Jacobs ++ Andreas Keudel ++ Christian Kudler ++ Steve Lovegrove ++ Manuela Neukirch ++ Sebastian Niehoff ++ Carolin Pankert ++ Britta Pedersen ++ Sebastian Runge ++ Maria Vaorin ++ Martin Voigt ++ Lutz Wallroth




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