Shotshop is big in benefits (services) and small in prices. This is how our Money-back Guarantee works:

You might have used budget stock photography before and know the problem: a budget price comes with budget quality. Images are out of focus or pixelated, dirty and dusty, suffer from strong image noise, clumsy masking or bad retouching... the list of possible deficiencies is long and very annoying.

Shotshop's Money-back Guarantee proves that our quality is reliable:
If you are not satisfied with the image quality or find severe deficiencies in one of our images, we will refund your money immediately. has always been a pioneer in terms of quality and has focused on quality rather than quantity from the very beginning. Every single image is checked by our own image editors. We employ very strict technical and thematic standards and only images that meet these high Shotshop quality standards go into our portfolio. Although we have our editorial staff work a lot more than many other stock agency, we are convinced that it's worth it.

We can guarantee you a portfolio of well sorted, high quality images!