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Information About Licences


1.   What Is a Royalty-free Image?
All images offered on are royalty-free images. Their price is not calculated individually for each usage. Our Shotshop All-Inclusive Prices allow you to use the picture unlimited in time and circulation, but just for one customer.

2.   What are “Extended Licences”?
In most cases, our Standard Licences will be sufficient. Besides that, we offer Extended Licences for additional purposes.

The following Extended Licences are available:

Merchandise Licence
A Merchandise Licence allows you use the image for resale products(postcards, calendars, t-shirts, posters, mousepads, etc.) or electronic resale products such as interactive and multimedia products, computer games, flash templates and templates for electronic greeting and business cards, websites, mobile content, mobile devices.
Corporate Licence
Pictures may be used within 5 affiliates in a group of companies with this extended licence.

More information on Prices & Licences.

3.   What Does “Model Release” and “Property Release” Mean?
A model release is a legal document signed by the person(s) pictured in a photo, granting the permission for his or her image to be used for commercial purposes. A property release is the permission for the commercial usage of any pictured objects – if necessary. These may be trademarks, buildings or landmarks. If a model or property release is available for a specific image, it I steted so in the image details page.

If you have any questions regarding image rights, please call us: +49 (0)30 695 823 00.

4.   What Does “Editorial Use Only” Mean?
Pictures labeled with "Editorial Use Only" may only be used for editorial purposes.



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