Welcome to Shotshop – the young, Berlin-based stock image agency for selected budget RF photography. Our online shop Shotshop.com offers high quality royalty-free images from all areas. Shotshop's image search is well known for its simplicity and ease of use.

    Our Philosophy
    Customers want to find what they are looking for.

    The principles of our business are:
    • exact search results
    • high quality images
    • individual customer support

    Clicking through unexcat search results costs time and money. Therefore, our main concerns are quick and exact search results as well as keeping your time for research as short as possible.

    Our Ambition
    Your satisfaction

    According to our ambitions, we offer our customers:

    Strictly selected and approved images
    Our image editors are the heart of Shotshop and solely consists of skiled photograpers and designers. This highly qualified and young team is responsible for the very strict selection and the high quality of our images.

    Technology & Comfort
    Due to newest technology, we are able to offer high-speed access to our data base and an ease to use interface.

    Personal Contact
    Personal and direct partnership is most important to us. No waiting loop, no mailboxes, but immediate and personal contact. We love your feedback, whishes and suggestions.

    We wish all our customers a succesful search for images and are looking forward to our cooperation.

    Martina Kuhaupt, Stephan Krömer
    and the Shotshop Team