Royalty-free means simple! Use images for (almost) everything with our Standard Licence: advertising, websites, blogs, presentations, packaging, flyer, posters, books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, campaigns, and other.

Once purchased, you may use an image
• as long as you wish to
• as often as you wish to - without any limitations
• worldwide and in all media: print, internet, TV, cinema, and others
• in all graphical processes (for example montage, retouching, detail)

Advantages for companies:
• all employees may work with the image files. Multi-user licenses are not necessary.
• You may purchase an image for a customer (for example advertising  agencies or graphic designers)

You may be interested in purchasing our „Extended License“ and use an image in
• press releases for editorial publication
• in up to five associated companies within a group of companies (corporate license)
• sales/merchandise products such as postcards, posters, wallpapers, calendars, t-shirts, and others
• electronic resale products such as templates for electronic products, websites, computer games and others.

With the Extended License all images will be delivered in the highest resolution available.


Only for editorial use
Images marked as „only for editorial use“ may be used in a newspaper article or a magazine, but not for promotional projects of any kind.

Image usage for social media
Images may be used on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, when
• the image is integrated into a composition/layout and you upload the an image of the final product or
• a visible, digital watermark or copyright notice is graphically affixed.

Original image files are not allowed to be published on social media platforms where the platforms reserves itself the unlimited usage rights for any uploaded image. In order to use our stock photos on other social media websites than the mentioned, please read their respective terms and conditions. T
he upload of original images on platforms that reserve the full usage rights for the photos is not permitted.

Copyright note
All image publications on websites or in an editorial context have to carry the following copyright note either next to the image, in the imprint or picture credits: „© name of author /“

Transfer and resale
The usage rights of an image may only be given to a single third party, for example in line with one customer's project. Usage in projects of different customers requires the purchase of a new license for each customer.

Usage restrictions
The image or parts of it are not allowed to be used in or as a logo, a trademark or service marks.

Images may not be used for pornographic, criminal, reputation-damaging, or humiliating purposes. Any retouch or image editing of the images must not damage the reputation of the photographer or the model.

Further information in our General Terms and Conditions

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